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Hi, and Welcome to the New Bob Mankoff Website

Written by Bob Mankoff on March 17, 2014

Hi, and welcome to the launch of BOBMANKOFF.COM

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Everything has gone off without a hitch, except I really, really have to pee.

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I can’t believe they spent 22 million dollars on this damn cyber-suit and forgot to include a Depends.

Anyway, this is my site, one small step for man, one giant, step for Mankoff. But, I think there’s a lot in for you too. So, follow me as I tell you a little bit about it. But watch your step, these cyber-craters contain all sorts of click bait that may distract you.
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Man, what a waste of time that was. It wasn’t a dangerous tiger stunt at all!. Let me just say right up front here, that if there any dangerous tiger stunts on my site they will be truly dangerous.

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Ok. Enough fooling around, what is the real purpose of my site, the one that mission control has for me? To boldly go where no cartoonist has gone before?  Nah, too bold.
Originally the idea was that since I have my memoir “How About Never– Is Never Good For You?: My Life in Cartoons “ being published on March 25th  by Henry Holt &Co. I should have a site to promote it. And, no question for now, this site is promoting the hell out of it.

A lot of things have gone right for this book, including the fact that I had a great time writing and illustrating it with hundreds of cartoons, but also because I think I’ve fallen into the sweet spot of the media maw where 60 Minutes is doing a segment on it and the rest of the mediasphere seems to have taken a liking to it as well. Also, on December 14th, 2015 HBO is broadcasting a documentary about me and the New Yorker cartoonists called "Very Semi-Serious.

So, in a way, the raison d’etre for the site is not as compelling as it was originally. Still, please go get the book from this site! For one thing it’s the only way you can get a signed copy and sometimes, if I’m bored I might draw a cartoon in the book as well. And, secondly, if you don’t Mission Control will cut off my air supply. Believe me, you don’t want that on your head.
Some descriptionAlso, even though I like the book and think you will like it too, eventually it’s going to be yesterday’s news, and in a remainder pile either in the cloud or down here on earthbound bookstores. So the site has to do more for you and me than that.

Here’s what it does: It will have access to all my cartoons from The New Yorker in a database as well eventually cartoons that have not been published in The New Yorker. The New Yorker database is available right now with over 700 cartoons. You can browse, enjoy, and even license or buy a print if the spirit moves you. Are you satisfied, Mission Control?

There will also be the best of the blogs that I’ve published on that will be available right here. I’ve done hundreds of them; including some real clunkers. I’m sparing you those. Also, I will do completely original blog posts that will just be available just on this site, just like this one.

Also, very different from what I do on, I’ll be taking your suggestions on what you’d like me to write about regarding cartoons, comedy, the influence and importance of humor, whatever. But basically this site is just letting me be the unfettered Bob I like to be. This is not a knock on The New Yorker. I’ve been there for over thirty-five years and you couldn’t ask for nicer fetters, but they are fetters still.

Other stuff: Videos of my talks, lectures and appearances. Mission Control says the main purpose of this, is to get me more lectures and appearances. There is is some money to be made by flapping your gums intelligently and gesticulating meaningfully. Took me a while to get both working in tandem but I think I’ve got it down now. So, it will cost you something to hire me to do it at your place or for your company, but nothing for you to enjoy and hopefully be edified by it online.

What else Mission Control?


Oh, right, thanks Mission Control. Friends, you can find me on Facebook and Twitter. Please Like and Follow me. Please. I’m very needy.


What about them?

Good point.  I’m coming to a library or bookstore near you – right here on this site. However if I mysteriously appear in your living room uninvited, with a table and a bunch of books, kick me right out.


I know, I’m very sorry.


I’m not.

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