New York, NY (November 1, 2018) – Celebrated cartoonist and humorist Bob Mankoff today launched Cartoon Collections (CartoonCollections.com), a new website that will serve as the definitive archive and online store for cartoons. The new site features the cartoons of over 70 celebrated cartoonists from famed sources including The New Yorker, Esquire, Playboy Magazine, and National Lampoon, with new material added each month. In partnership with online cartoon database CartoonStock, Cartoon Collections is the largest online compilation of cartoons in the world. Its goal is to offer a megaTOON of one million single-panel cartoons, comic strips and other forms of graphic humor before Elon Musk perfects autonomous driving. (Game on, Elon.)

“As the platinum level in the cartoon universe, Cartoon Collections will showcase distinguished cartoonists alongside upcoming talent with content that is hilarious, insightful and relevant,” said Mankoff, who last year was named the Cartoon and Humor Editor for Esquire, following a 20-year tenure as Cartoon Editor at The New Yorker. “Cartoons are the artwork of the people. We not only want to preserve the art form, we want to champion cartoonists by supporting them directly and creating new opportunities to ensure cartoons live on.”

Cartoon Collections will serve as a searchable database offering instant licensing and downloads of high-quality images covering a wide range of subjects, from adultery to zucchini.

Mankoff promises, “If you can’t find what you’re looking for on the website, dedicated Cartoon Concierges will find it for you. No kidding. They know cartoons.”

The company will focus on exploring opportunities for cartoonists to earn revenue from their work and will continue to seek out new collections to build the archive and attract buyers for licensing, prints and original art. A cartoon caption contest will be held biweekly; the winner will receive bragging rights and $100. The first contest is live now featuring an uncaptioned cartoon by Benjamin Schwartz at CartoonCollections.com/cartoon-caption-contest.

Cartoon Collections acquired CartoonStock earlier this year, incorporating a veteran team with 20 years of online art licensing knowledge and a successful website with over 15,000 daily visitors. Based in the United Kingdom, CartoonStock houses one of the largest digital cartoon collections with over 500,000 humorous and political cartoons, cartoon pictures and illustrations by the world’s top cartoonists. The partnership creates an expansive, unrivaled network of cartoons from around the globe. With the addition of cartoons from The New Yorker, Esquire and Playboy, Cartoon Collections is already more than halfway to the megaTOON.

About Cartoon Collections

Cartoon Collections is the definitive location for iconic cartoons and offers a searchable online archive with instant licensing and downloads. The website houses renowned cartoons covering thousands of subjects with collections from The New Yorker, Esquire, Playboy, National Lampoon and American Bystander, as well as Matt Diffee’s three Rejection Collections books. Backed by cartoon lover and philanthropist Lawrence Benenson, a principal of Benenson Capital Partners, Cartoon Collections is the platinum standard in the cartoon universe. It is the U.S. companion to CartoonStock, home of one of the largest digital collections of cartoons in the world. For more information, visit CartoonCollections.com, and follow on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.